Mainly Music is open to all young families in our community. It is held on Thursday mornings, at the Holy Rood Family Centre, 192 Tamborine-Oxenford Road, Oxenford. (Recess during school holidays).

The session starts at 9.15am and we have 30 minutes for home-made nut-free morning tea for parents and children, and the children get to play with toys. This is followed by 30 minutes of music.

The cost is $5 per family, and this money is channelled back into the programme. We celebrate the new born, the childrens' birthdays, Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day, Easter and Christmas.

Our aim is to show God's love to young families and to nuture them. For more information about this programme, visit the Mainly Music website at



The children have individual morning teas (arrowroot biscuits, peeled apple slices, sultanas etc) and drinks are served in sipper cups. Some children also sample the adult morning teas! This is a time of bonding and making friends.


The music session covers aspects of learning, spacial knowledge, colours, counting and body parts, as well as musical awareness of dynamics, tempo, pitch, moving to the beat, and use of instruments such as handbells, claves, shakers etc. We accompany songs with many resourses such as parachutes, stretchy lycra, toy animals, coloured scarves, picture cards and feathers. Some songs have a message about God or Jesus.

our team

The Mainly Music team is made up of volunteers who are parents and/or grandparents. These volunteers greet children with a sticker, serve the morning tea and befriend everyone who comes along.